In addition to the wonderful English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, etc. curriculum, our students have a breadth of other programs available throughout their time at Kentwood. Read more information at

Kentwood Elementary School
Office hours: 7:30am – 4:00pm
8401 Emerson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone: 310-670-8977


Kentwood has a Wonder of Reading Library.  Each year we recruit volunteers to participate in  The Wonder of Reading one-on-one program that helps struggling students and/or readers.  Volunteers read with their students for an hour each week for the entire year.


Kentwood participates in the Arts Prototype program in LAUSD. In 1999, the LAUSD Board of Education, in partnership with the Los Angeles arts community, established a comprehensive plan to reinstate dance, music, theatre and visual arts instruction in every school and at every grade level by 2010. Kentwood was awarded a “Top Arts Program” during a 2014 Art Index review of all LAUSD schools.


Our Kindergarten through 2nd grade classes enjoy Music instruction through the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra once a week for the entire school year.  You can read more about their program here:


The entire school is part of the LAUSD Dance program and enjoys Dance class and Movement once per week in our Auditorium.  This program includes our Holiday event in December and our end of they year Multi-cultural celebration.


Many of our teachers have been certified through a LMU program and Fine Art is incorporated at every grade.


The purpose of PE is to educate students in physical activity and provide the tools needed to overcome misconceptions about physical education.  Physical education also improves self esteem. The program features: warm–up, flexibility, cardiovascular muscular strength & endurance, skill development and cool-down.


Technology is integrated into the daily classroom with iPads. Beyond that integration, all Students enjoy 45 minutes of Technology “Computer” class each week. Our world class Technology lab is equipped with over 30 new iMac computers provided by LAUSD.


Gifted/Talented Programs creates high end learning opportunities which allow students to flourish in stimulating academic and social environments. In designing challenging educational opportunities, we strive to raise the floor, remove the walls and eliminate the ceiling on learning. Ceilings are for rooms not students.

Kentwood also offers a variety of options for after school programs.


STAR Galaxy offers a balance of academic support, enrichment classes, fitness and recreation programs as well as special events on campus, community events, and activities. It’s a recipe for a balanced childhood and a preparation for future success! STAR Galaxy offers a daily dose of scheduled classes, August through June, from the end of the school day until 6 PM. Students rotate through group tutoring, a homework lab, sports/fitness/recreation, and enrichment classes. Learn more here:


Got Game’s comprehensive After Care program provides a safe, healthy, and stimulating environment for students while their parents are at work. Our program offers a balance of academic support, arts and cultural enrichment, recreation, and nutrition. We also focus on promoting social and emotional development along with other necessary areas of skill-building. We believe in the importance an after school experience has on a child’s life, and we create a safe, meaningful place to allow for that to occur. Students participating in our comprehensive After Care program will participate in academic support and skill-building, various sports and recreation, and exploration of individual interests (such as arts, music, theater, science, technology, games and more). Learn more at:


There are several enrichment programs of interest for a fee available after school hours. Our current programs are Got Game Sports (Monday through Thursday), Chess Tutors, and HotShots Tennis.

Chess Tutors:

HotShots Tennis:


The Beyond the Bell Branch program provides after school playground supervision for students in grades 2 to 5 who are residents or students on work permit (not students who are at Kentwood on child care permit). This is a drop-in program and there is no fee.


There are many middle schools options depending on what is right for your student and family.  Our Kentwood Koalas are well prepared for any middle school they choose from public to private, STEM, or performing arts.

The two schools closest to Kentwood are Wright Middle STEAM Magnet and the Katherine Johnson STEM Academy.  There is also WISH Middle, LACES, Palms, Marina Del Rey…and more.

Wright Middle School STEAM Magnet

Katherine Johnson STEM Academy